What is a tester ?

A tester is the original perfume, in its original bottle, simply offered usually without its topor box, some time with top. There is absolutely no different in fragrance, strength, or quality between a fragrance tester and one that comes in its original box, they're the same!All testers are sold unused, with the entire original quantity in the container. If you're purchasing for yourself, or just don't need the box, testers are a great way for you to get the same amount of quality fragrance at an even deeper discount.

 Are your products genuine brands?

Yes, we sale only original designer fragrances. All our products in our website are original brand name perfumes and colognes and so on. Absolutely NO imitations or knock-offs. Pictures may differ from its original photos.

 What is the difference eau de perfume, eau de toilet, eau de cologne?

The main difference between types of fragrance lies in the concentration of essences. The order of highest to lowest concentration is first Perfume, second, Eau de Perfume, third, Eau de Toilette, and fourth Eau de Cologne.
Perfumes are classically defined as a combination of top, heart, and base notes released over a period of time. The top notes are the first scent released by a fragrance. After the top notes have faded, the middle or heart notes of a fragrance become noticeable.
Perfume is considered the most beautiful form of fragrance because it releases the top, heart, and base notes over a period of time, as opposed to one faster than the other (due to its high concentration of essences). With Eau de Perfume, the heart (middle) notes become noticeable after the top notes have faded away. Conversely, with Eau de Toilette, the top notes, the first scent released, are dominant. This makes it initially very refreshing, and it then evaporates rather quickly.
Perfume is very expensive because it can have up to 40% concentration of essences. This means that the scent is released over a long period of time, and therefore much less is needed and is sold in much smaller volumes.
Eau de Perfume contains up to 15% perfume concentrates, and Eau de Toilette contains up to 10% perfume concentrates. One could think of Eau de Perfume as a bit heavier and long-lasting than Eau de Toilette.
Eau de Toilette, on the other hand, with up to a 10% perfume concentration, is a lighter, more refreshing scent, and very suitable particularly for warmer climates.
Typically Eau de Perfume is more expensive than Eau de Toilette due to the higher concentrations of essences contained therein. Both Eau de Perfume and Eau de Toilette are sold in medium volume as one needs to use more than perfume. And lastly, Eau de Cologne, has up to a 7% perfume concentration. It is refreshing for hotter climates and can be reapplied as needed due to the speedy evaporation. Eau de Cologne is sold in larger lots and tends to be the least expensive perfume.

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